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Asian Girl of the day

Asian Sirens from Asian Dating Sites.

When men think about thailand the first thing to come to mind is the thai bar sex industry. the thai girls who frequent these bars or Bar Girls as they are known are a different type of girl from the normal thai girls and many western men fall in to the same old trap of looking for love in the flesh pots of thailand this is a HUGE mistake.

A friend who lives in thailand told me first hand that men who date bar girls always end up having a tradgic and bad experience mainly because there are huge differences between a your typical nice thai woman and the type of girls who work in bars these girls are sadly forced into working in bars due to econimic reasons and will date any farang man who they think has money. remember they will not be going out with you if they think you do not have money and If they dont get what they want they will dump you and move on to the next guy they think has money this is sad but so true of what happens.

I know this is a very negitive view of thai bar women and I know that the majority of them have problems and dont care about their reputation and only end up there because they have no chouce and are despreate but it is the sad reality in thailand. and remember That thai people are fully aware of what goes on in the bars in places like phucket................ and look down on these girls and the whore chasing western men that go there. you will never get a nice thai girl if this is your plan.............

A good class thai girl would never assoiate with a farang man and the only propper way to find a wife from thailand is through a good high class dating site.

On high class dating sites you will mostly find educcated women with good jobs and are in thai terms financially well off.

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