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Asian Girl of the day

Asian Sirens from Asian Dating Sites.

Dating Japanese Women.

Japanese women are mostly well-educated, hardworking and make beautiful wives and mothers with a high sence of duty and loyalty to their family’s and husband. Their sence of duty comes from the girl’s family, her schools and government who always try to reinforce traditional national values that is entrenched in japanese national culture and Japanese men have very high expectations of their wives. While this may seem an outdated cultural value system to western minds the traditional japanese wife trys very hard to conform to the values of obeying her husband and looking after the family. But this can be hard for them because Japan is now a country very heavily influenced by western culture and has developed a unique euro/american western manga pop culture that is unique to Japan.

So the stereotypical submissive and sexy geisha japanese woman you are looking for is not quite what you get today. They are mostly looking to marry a western man to escape their culturally ingrained responsibility and most girls in japan try to shake off their old traditional values and focus on self-improvement courses and programs and this is a factor in why japanese woman seek out western husbands and you have to bear in mind that a woman from japan that seeks out a western husband probably wants to escape from their responsibilities of being a typical traditional japanese mother.

Dating a Japanese woman is more formal and complicated than dating western woman and there are rules you will have to follow for example dating in japan is a much slower process than in the west because japanese brides to be are not totally committed to the concept of finding love and marriage with a western man and usually join dating sites out of frustration with their place in japanese society as a second class citizen to japanese men.

Younger japanese woman have taken english as a subject in school and have a reasonable grasp of the language but have trouble with the spoken side of things so phone conversations with your bride to be can be sometimes frustrating in the extreme and it might be hard to understand her in a conversation over the phone. but there are some japanese women who speak english well but this is the exception rather than the rule.

If this is an issue for you, you can, when you search for a Asian bride on an Asian dating site search only for women that speak good English the down side to this is that you are limiting yourself to a small proportion of women on these sites.

Another factor while dating a japanese woman is her family and you will have to meet them sooner than later in the relationship and you will have to pass muster with them as a japanese woman will not simply run off with a western man as it would bring shame on them, their family and their ancestors.

So when meeting the parents you should take it very seriously indeed always dress formally like going to a business meeting always have your best clothes and jewellery on and be impeccably neat and clean. Always remain calm and respectful, smile as much as you can and talk in a low register.

Remember the girls fathers role is to remain cool to the fact that his daughter is going to marry a foreigner and will not welcome you with open arms but do not be put off by his manner as this happens most of the time when a japanese girl takes her husband to be to meet her parents. always eat lightly nod and smile a lot and you will find that the girl will do most of the talking and unless you make a total mess of things you will usually win her parents approval. because at the end of the day the girl knows how to win her parents over and they want her to be happy.

Finding, dating and marring a japanese woman is usually more challenging than dating women from other asian country’s but the Japanese woman will usually give the last word to the husband and will be incredibly loyal and will look after their man and family in every way they can as it is a matter of pride with them.

Looking for an Asian bride doesn’t need to break the bank as there are a lot of 100% good free Asian dating sites out there for singles looking for love. Give a few a try you will be impressed at the amount of beautiful Asian girls online.

Although, looking is fine, but if you are serious about finding an Asian bride then you should expect to pay to join a reputable dating site as these sites provide you with the piece of mind that you have a much higher level of protection against people trying to scam you.

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