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Asian Girl of the day

Asian Sirens from Asian Dating Sites.

Asian Dating sites reviews…

Asian dating sites, they are not all the same experience!

Asian .. review

Asianbeautys .com       overall score 8/10

This site has by far the most beautiful women of any Asian dating site and the standard of photography is excellent, maybe too excellent as it would appear that almost every picture is professionally taken in a studio, This is not misleading per say, but if you are interested in a particular Asian girl then what you need to do is to ask to see an ordinary everyday picture of this beautiful Asian siren without the benefit of large brown contact lenses, make up and a professional taking her picture. The change can be quite a jaw dropper.

The overall layout of the website is professional and very easy to navigate there is a pop up with a random selection of girls on it, this is fine but a bit annoying when you are trying to read the profile and look at the pictures of the girl you have clicked on.

It is now free to see the extra photos of the girls on this site, but there is a new twist that

has just started with the girls having so-called private photos and in order to see these photos you have to send a message to the girl and this costs credits the choice is yours.

You get the usual emails to your inbox every day for the girls birthdays who are on your favourites list asking you if you want to send flowers etc .

While it is free to join and search for girls you do have to pay for some of the services and features.

This website also has the benefit of confirmed profiles, this lessens your chances of meeting a date site scammer.

Overall score. 8/10……

More info on Asianbeautys, credits, secutity etc....

The best Asian dating review website online

Cherry .. review

Cherry blossoms. com overall score 7/10

Another good fun style dating site with a much greater cross-section of asian women, the photography is usually not professionally taken, but taken by the girls themselves.

This can be a good thing as it gives a more real picture of the girl upfront.

The site is easy to navigate and you get the usual matches in your inbox everyday the one thing here is the links in the emails they send you do not always work as well as they should, in other words you can click on three different women and the same profile comes up each time which can be somewhat frustrating also the matches they send you everyday seem to be more of a random selection of girls and not really matched well to your profile.

A good aspect of this site is you can see all the pictures of the girls for free.

and the search facility is different to asian beauty’s and more user-friendly.

NOTE: When you are searching through the ladies profiles you might want to set your profile to hide or to invisible otherwise you might be bothered by a lot of ladies wanting to talk to you. you can either accept or decline to chat there and then or just set your profile to invisible and you can browse without being asked every five minutes to chat.

Overall score 7/10….

Asian girl of the day website strives to give you the most up to date, correct and impartial advice on dating Asian women.

We do not reccomend any dating site that we have not used in the past and we try to give reasoned reviews based on our own experences with these sites, like useability and quality of the users experience and so on, and not on which site would pay the most commission, we visit each website reviewed on this site on a daly basis to ensure the reviews here are up to date.

We here at Asian girl of the day web site would greatly appreciate it if you would be so kind as to Join one or all of the dating websites reviewed on this page as a FREE member using our links. it will cost you nothing and we will receive a small commission from some of the websites concerned, We are not in this for the money, we do this because we love all aspects of Asia, its people and its culture, and because we have used dating sites in the past and learned some of the pitfalls and want to pass on our experiences as well as others.

Any commission we do get, helps to keep this website running.

If you choose not to join any for now, you might consider it in the future.

But please enjoy looking at the beautiful ladies profiles it will give you a good idea of the Asian ladies out there and what the dating sites are like.

Thank you.

Asian .. review

Asian dating. com                    Overall score 6/10

Good asian dating site with a slightly less shove girls down your throat attitude.

This is a more low key site with a good user friendly search facility.

This site has a good cross section of asian girls mostly from the philipeins,indonesia, thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia and veitnam.

The picture search is excellent and easy to use with no annoying pop ups, most of the pictures are self shot and you can scan through a lot of girls quickly.

The usuail email matches sent to your inbox.

Overall score 6/10

Asia Friend finder .com .. review

We are currently reviewing this site.

No links posted till review is in.

Asia .. review

We are currently reviewing this site.

No links posted till review is in.

Chinese Love Links .com .. review

We are currently reviewing this site.

No links posted till review is in. .. review

We are currently reviewing this site.

No links posted till review is in.

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